Annual Reports

Outline your organization's accomplishments for the year, detail the progress against your objectives and set out your vision for the future. I've authored many Annual Reports with a particular focus on NGOs and donor-oriented reporting.

Annual Report signalling a shift from grant funder to packager of clean energy projects.

CSR & Sustainability

To start, reporting on sustainability can also mean defining your "dashboard" of key indicators and setting up reporting structures. I can help you map out and manage this process and present your results in native English.

The 2019 Sustainability Report for the HelloFresh Group presented a widened range of KPIs.

Campaign materials

Trigger action by customers, funders or stakeholders with effective outcome-oriented materials. Framing these materials means understanding who your audience is, as well as the change or action you're trying to unleash.

Ideas, tips and source materials for educators and event organizers around World Wetlands Day 2015


Engaging portrayal of your organization or product in the language of your target audience.

Quick overview of the REEEP partnership and its services for stakeholders, donors and applicants.

Technical information

Help your audience take a deeper dive into complex topics, explained in clear, effective language.

Four fact sheets on the benefits of wetlands, framed for an interested but non-expert audience

Stakeholder publications

Illustrate your proposition and value to donors, activists and key influencers.

Donor publication outlining 'tipping-point' projects funded in REEEP's 8th Programme Cycle

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“Vince is able to take our technical information and convert it into ‘plain English’ for everyone to understand.

He quickly picks out the main components of a message and builds a coherent story around them. His response time is also superb, ensuring that his involvement does not cause any delays in our communication.”

Raoul Lorenz Chief Executive Officer, LORENZ Life Sciences