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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took part in a panel discussion alongside the UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen. I co-organized this side event for my client REEEP in collaboration with the Commonwealth Club of California.

I've organized high-powered side events at major conferences, VIP podium discussions, and a major global awareness day.

At the core of a successful event, you need an interesting idea. It might be gathering a group of experts for a panel discussion. Attracting a celebrity to speak about one of their favorite causes. Or finding a new format like speed networking to make a side event that really stands out from the crowd.

Major awareness campaigns are much larger in scale. Here, it's about creating an event framework; the overall theme and a support structure that many local event organizers can dock into.  The focal point is a website platform, complete with downloadable publicity materials and organizer guides.

I'm happy to help you create and event or campaign that suits your audience and marketing goals.


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“Vince mapped out an inspiring strategy for World Wetlands Day 2015;

a transformation from a generic day of awareness to a day focussed on youth aged 15-24 as transmitters to the wider public. This vision included a new website as the campaign’s focal point and a wide social media campaign.
He also authored the actual WWD hand-outs and the teacher/organizer guide. His photo contest brainchild attracted 2,200 entries from 80 countries around the world.”

Dr. Christopher Briggs Former Secretary General, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

My track record with events & campaigns. High impact, low budget.

Speed networking event at Rio+20 >

No look-alike panel discussions here! For the 10th anniversary of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) at the Rio +20 Conference, I organized a joint side event with UN DESA. The format: speed-dating as networking.

Turbo-charging World Wetlands Day >

Wetlands are essential to humanity – but almost no one knows this. For the Ramsar Convention, I developed a plan to accelerate this annual event in 2015. The result: triple the press mentions and quadrupled downloads in a single year.

Authoring campaign materials >

Wetlands, sustainable livelihoods and disaster risk reduction are not easy to explain. I researched and wrote all materials for World Wetlands Day from 2016 to 2018. Classroom hand-outs/mini-posters, plus detailed guides for teachers & organizers.

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