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People come to you for your own unique talents.  Yet it's a paradox: many people with God-given talents feel shy about selling themselves - or totally left alone when it comes to doing it.

It doesn't have to be that way.   It is possible to be energized by marketing, to set a fair price, and to make others aware of your service and benefits.  And to do it all in your own authentic voice.  I can help you find the best practical and cost-effective ways to market yourself.  And maybe even have fun in the process!

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"Vince Reardon – a consultant with heart . . .

In the course of updating the internet presence for the Kinesiology Network Rhein-Main, Vince impressed me with his analytical abilities, coupled with a holistic and creative approach.

His commitment and professionalism made the quick implementation of the project possible.  The WordPress training that he gave the future website administrators was comprehensive, but easily understood.

It was a pleasure, both personally and professionally, to work together with Vince.“

Fiona Hunter, Holistic Practitioner Wiesbaden, Germany

Marketing for healers: Three easy steps you can take yourself.

1. Find your marketing voice

Marketing doesn’t automatically mean manipulation. You have the right to inform potential customers that your talents or service exist – and that you can solve a problem for them. Take the time to decide two things:

Who is your target customer?
Describe them in a paragraph. Age, gender, family type, location, income, etc. What is their typical day like? What real issue do they have that you can solve?

What benefit are you offering?
Notice the word: benefit. Your consultation, coaching, or lesson is a service. But a benefit means a life enhancement. What is your benefit? Relief from pain? Reduced stress? Increased clarity?

Then, boil these both down into your single marketing statement:
My name is *** and I provide **benefit** to **target group** with **service**.

2. Create a strong online presence

A good website is a must for attracting customers. But no worries, you don’t need to be a web wizard.

Easiest solution: create a facebook company page!  If your customers are local, this can actually act as your ‘website’.  Start with a really good photo of yourself.  Use your marketing statement as the header.  And make sure that your page includes all the keywords that people will use to search for you.  Ask friends and customers to like and post comments.

For many, this will be the only online presence you need. In a work context, you could create a LinkedIn page instead.

If you do prefer your own dedicated website, there are many options.  Full-service platforms like weebly make it easy to create your own website.  If you are with a hosting-only service, download WordPress – the world’s most widely-used content management software. Creating your web presence is actually fun.

3. Regularly offer reasons to return

As a healer or helper, customers seek you out for your own personal talents. Your end of the bargain is giving them that service and benefit wholeheartedly when they do appear.

During their visit, capture their contact information on a paper form, ensuring it includes phone number and e-mail address. Have a check box so they can indicate it is okay for you to e-mail them. Use these forms to keep an Excel table of your customers.

Then keep in touch. A short e-mail ‘newsletter’ a few times a year is best. Start with a breezy opening about anything that’s new with you. But don’t send spam – be sure to include thoughtful offers you think they’ll actually enjoy. Maybe a 10% discount on their next visit. Or a suggested next step.

Important: when sending, copy the e-mail addresses from your Excel table into the bcc field, so no one sees anyone else’s.

Ways I can help you market yourself fearlessly:

Strategic direction

Clarify your priorities, vision, goals or target customer.  In a group session or one-on-one.

I Ching consulting

Question this ancient Chinese oracle for advice on your dilemmas here and now.

Press releases & more

Press releases, campaign materials, social media. Marketing & PR basics.

Media & crisis management

Learn how to handle media interviews, press relations & react effectively in a crisis.

Workshops & training

Learn one-one-one or in a group. Pick up a skill, or improve marketing & PR capacity.

Translation DE > EN

Create a flawless English version of your German sales & marketing materials.

Sample work: Kinesiology Network Rhein-Main web presence

The Kinesiologie Netzwerk Rhein-Main is an association of kinesiologists practicing in the greater Frankfurt area.  In March 2016, I completely overhauled the network's website using WordPress.  This meant

  • structuring the new home page around outcomes
  • packaging existing content to better highlight messages
  • enhancing attractiveness of membership

I also gave a training session for several administrators in how to update and change the content.