Marketing and PR basics.  Triggering customers & stakeholders to act.

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A 'safe pair of hands' for creating your press releases, publicity materials, events and social media presence - framed around your desired outcome.

We can discuss and agree what needs to be done, and I’ll go make it happen.  Write press releases.  Generate marketing materials for your campaign.  Social media presence.  Organize an event.  Create or update a WordPress website.  You name it.  But always with one single-minded focus: the specific action you are trying to trigger with your target customer or stakeholder.

With more than 25 years of international marketing communications experience, I've covered many bases.

My thoughts and experience with the tools you need . . .

I've written high-impact press releases for global businesses, for non-profits/NGOs, and for intergovernmental organizations.

A press release is great when you've got a real 'news nugget' to announce.  A new product or initiative, results, or a newsworthy milestone.

My strongest advice here: write it from an outsider's perspective - as if it's a news article written by a neutral reporter. Place any marketing-speak and overt bragging in quotes from your senior executives.  If you play your cards right, many media outlets will run the press release untouched. That's why neutrality is key.

I can work with you to determine what your news nugget is, and frame an impactful release that will trigger wide coverage.

In parallel, you'll want to have different versions of same message that are tailored to social media; particularly the 280-character version for twitter.  We live in an age where everyone is a journalist!

Small businesses and non-profits / NGOs often ask me:  Why, if and how should we use social media?

Answer:  It depends on your audience - and your own objectives. Twitter and facebook are usually top of the list.  They each have specific strengths and uses:

Twitter: Express your organization's thoughts of the moment  - in 280 characters! Great if you need to converse with followers in real time. And for keeping in touch day-to-day with fans, stakeholders or funders.
Just be aware that to use twitter meaningfully, you'll need to monitor it and respond several times a day or more.

Facebook: Speak with your fans or stakeholders in their 'private space,' i.e. not on the job. Your facebook page should aim to build a fan base. Try to create interesting updates that people will want to share. Likes are a dipstick for measuring your popularity; not a goal!
Facebook requires less oversight than twitter, but a daily update is sensible.

Other platforms like LinkedIn or Xing are useful for engaging with stakeholders in their 'business lives', as well as for recruiting new staff.

Remember that social media will make most sense as part of a wider online campaign with your website as the focal point:

  • Search engine optimization helps drive traffic to your website.
  • E-newsletter and frequent updates or blog entries can keep people coming back.
  • Social media presence then enables you to take part in real-time conversations, monitor your reputation and react quickly to criticisms, plus be part of the general conversation.

Together we can lay out an action plan for how to use the internet to your full advantage. If needed, I can recommend IT providers and design agencies to help you implement.

I've authored a massive range of campaign publicity materials, brochures, info sheets, Annual Reports and more for businesses, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations. Check out examples of my copywriting work here>

Brochures, hand-outs and other materials are great if your customers or stakeholders want something right in their hands.  Even highly technical products can be explained in terms your customer will find thought-provoking.

My role here is the conception and the writing - and if needed can recommend a talented design agency for the layout and production, or work seamlessly with your own.


Sometimes you just need clarity.  On goals, on priorities or your target audience.  I’ve facilitated workshops for international organizations such as the Ramsar Conventional on Wetlands, and helped NGOs find clarity in their future direction. I've also taught groups of 20-40 graduate students in international marketing communications at the Wiesbaden Business School.

Single-purpose working sessions outside the everyday office setting can be very useful in:

  • getting your own team on board
  • clarifying goals or strategy
  • building alliances for taking action
  • learning how to handle everyday marketing tasks

I can work with you to facilitate one, or organize and deliver a full workshop from start to finish on a specific topic.


I've helped small businesses and organizations build WordPress websites - ones that they can modify and update themselves any time, without calling an agency.

An effective website is more than just an electronic brochure.  It should turn visitors into customers or advocates. Since they all visit your website for a specific reason, it's good to structure your site around the outcomes they seek.

For small organizations or individuals, I can advise and help you build an effective WordPress website; one that that you can  change and update yourself without any specialist knowledge.  (My package includes basic training in WordPress.)

For larger organizations, I can work with your IT provider in ensuring your website is structured to support your goals.