Speed networking side event at Rio+20. Signalling a new direction for REEEP.

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The Rio+20 Conference marked both a 10th anniversary and the start of a new era for REEEP, away from a pure project funder role towards a more sophisticated facilitator and "packager" of interventions.

Founded at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002, the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) was specifically charged with accelerating the market for clean energy in developing countries and emerging economies.

Working as Communications Consultant to REEEP, I conceived and implemented a unique side event at the Rio+20 conference to mark its 10th anniversary and to highlight its new project packager and contact broker role:

  • developed the idea of a side event in the speed networking format held jointly with UN DESA
  • invited a variety of stakeholders: bilateral funders, governments, small business and civil society players
  • created individual "itineraries" for the 70 registered participants, according to their interests
  • handled the logistics of room set-up, AV support and decoration
  • conducted post-event evaluations
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“Vince contributed importantly to REEEP’s strategic development in 2012/13 linking the organization’s strong past to an even stronger promise for the future.

At the same time he continued to keep REEEP’s communications ticking and developed specific products such as the Project Profiles 2011-12, condensing a large amount of information into clear, concise summaries.

He also organized REEEP’s ten-year anniversary event at Rio+20, creatively using the speed networking format for an innovative side event at a major international development conference.”

Martin Hiller Director General, REEEP

Other projects for REEEP: Specialized publications

During my years as Communications Consultant to REEEP, I also authored a wide range of publications including the Annual Report, brochures, Project Profiles, and specific event-related publications on clean energy as a tool in poverty alleviation.

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Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2012-13 highlighted the beginning of REEEP's shift from traditional project grant funder to taking on a more active role in packaging interventions to promote and upscale clean energy business models.


The REEEP organizational brochure for 2013 provided a quick overview of the partnership and its services for stakeholders, donors and project funding applicants.

Educational piece

"Clean energy for energy access" outlined the arguments for using renewable energy and energy efficient solutions to alleviate poverty and to bring access to the world's 1.4 billion energy poor (2012).

Project profiles book

This publication highlighted 22 of the projects funded in REEEP's 8th Programme Cycle, which emphasized “tipping-point”
interventions to boost the market for clean energy in emerging economies.

Graphic design for REEEP publications by Ferras Branding Agency and by REC (Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe)