Small & medium-sized businesses. Local roots. Global ambitions.

I offer a wealth of experience in marketing at both the European and global levels for a wide variety of companies, agencies and non-profit organizations.  I also have taught international marketing communications to MBA students at Wiesbaden Business School.

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“Vince is able to take our technical information and convert it into ‘plain English’ for everyone to understand.

He quickly picks out the main components of a message and builds a coherent story around them. His response time is also superb, ensuring that his involvement does not cause any delays in our communication.”

Raoul Lorenz Chief Executive Officer, LORENZ Life Sciences - Frankfurt

Ways I can help build your global presence:

Strategic direction

Clarify your priorities, vision, goals or target customer.  In a group session or one-on-one.

English copywriting

Frame your advantages to customers and stakeholders effectively.  In native English.

Translation DE > EN

Create a flawless English version of your German sales & marketing materials.

Press releases & more

Press releases, campaign materials, social media. Marketing & PR basics.

Questions? Let's talk . . .

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Events & campaigns

Create and organize an event or campaign to trigger your audience to act.

Media & crisis management

Learn how to handle media interviews, press relations & react effectively in a crisis.

Workshops & training

Learn one-one-one or in a group. Pick up a skill, or improve marketing & PR capacity.

Small & medium-sized businesses. Global players I've worked with:

LORENZ Life Sciences
Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Frankfurt, Germany

Thiesen Classic Cars
Hamburg, Germany

Hotel Karnerhof
Villach-Drobollach am Faakersee, Austria


InteRES GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany

Kunz Maschinenbau
Mainz-Kastel, Germany

Neitzel & Cie Energy Asset Management
Hamburg, Germany

PROKON Nord Energiesysteme GmbH
Leer, Germany

Interactive Media CCSP GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany