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In a facilitated group workshop - or in a private one-on-one - I can help you sort through priorities, multiple customer groups, competing stakeholders.  The goal: reach clarity and agree clear next steps.

This process can call for some soul-searching; figuring out what really makes your business, product or organization unique.  And it can also mean zeroing in on just what change you are trying to achieve; exactly what your ideal outcome is.

I’ll guide you through the process of defining the problem, floating possible solutions, selecting the best ones, and agreeing clear next steps.

I’ve facilitated clarifying workshops for international organizations such as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and driven strategic discussions for NGOs and for small businesses targeting global markets.

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“In a day-long workshop with the entire Ramsar Secretariat staff,

Vince facilitated and framed the discussion, led it where necessary, and helped us to distill which target groups are the most critical to achieving our mission.”

Camilla Chalmers Head of Communications, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Small/medium-sized businesses:

Your discussion might be about prioritizing one type of customer over another. Or considering what changes will improve the customer experience. Or taking stock of the skills in the company, deciding where you need to build capacity.

Once we have strategic clarity, we can jointly decide which marketing, communication and PR measures will work best for you.

Mission-driven organizations:

This process can mean making hard choices about which goals to select from a long roster of worthy ones.  Then, your primary target group can usually be defined on one single dimension: who can realistically help you make this outcome happen?

At that point, we can jointly decide which marketing, communication and PR 'next steps' make the most sense.