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“Vince mapped out an inspiring strategy for World Wetlands Day 2015;

a transformation from a generic day of awareness to a day focussed on youth aged 15-24 as transmitters to the wider public. This vision included a new website as the campaign’s focal point and a wide social media campaign.
He also authored the actual WWD hand-outs and the teacher/organizer guide. His photo contest brainchild attracted 2,200 entries from 80 countries around the world.”

Dr. Christopher Briggs Former Secretary General, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
“Vince is able to take our technical information and convert it into ‘plain English’ for everyone to understand.

He quickly picks out the main components of a message and builds a coherent story around them. His response time is also superb, ensuring that his involvement does not cause any delays in our communication.”

Raoul Lorenz Chief Executive Officer, LORENZ Life Sciences
“Vince contributed importantly to REEEP’s strategic development

in 2012/13 linking the organization’s strong past to an even stronger promise for the future.
At the same time he continued to keep REEEP’s communications ticking and developed specific products such as the Project Profiles 2011-12, condensing a large amount of information into clear, concise summaries; and organized REEEP’s 10 year anniversary event at Rio+20, creatively using the speed networking format for an innovative side event at a major international development conference.”

Martin Hiller Director General, REEEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership)
“Translating a screenplay into another language well

requires a certain amount of preparation. A fine analysis of the characters is essential. A great translator internalizes the characters, feels them, and tries to understand how they think. Vince is exactly this kind of dependable and great translator. I’m looking forward to hiring him for similar projects for us in the future.”

Benjamin Seikel CEO, C-Films (Deutschland) GmbH
“In a workshop with the entire Ramsar Secretariat staff

Vince facilitated and framed the discussion, led it where necessary, and helped us to distill which target groups are the most critical to achieving our mission.”

Camilla Chalmers Head of Communications, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
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