German-English translation. Your text in native, marketing-oriented English.

Specialized translation for marketing and PR purposes. I've done high-powered advertising campaigns, major screenplays, news items and student dissertations.

My goal is simple: a discerning mother-tongue English reader should not even be aware that your item has been translated.  We're not talking a literal, flat-footed Google Translate style rendering here. Marketing-oriented translation means  'trans-creating' your German text in native English; composing with the same content and tone as the original.  The actual words and expressions may differ.  The customer's take-away should not!

If you are looking for the cheap and cheerful, utilitarian translation, Google Translate really isn't a bad option in a pinch.  If you need something more considered, consider coming to me for painstaking attention to context, tone, mood and detail.

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Things I’ve translated
  • advertising copy and marketing materials
  • news items
  • student dissertations
  • investment info material
  • film promotion material
  • screenplays
Subject areas
  • automotive
  • sustainable development
  • renewable energy
  • complementary and alternative medicine
  • publishing

My rates are competitive for a fluent, marketing-oriented, mother tongue translation.  The exact rate will depend primarily on the length of your German text, the complexity of the subject matter and how quickly you need it.  I usually quote a flat fee per job after seeing the original text. I would also need that original text to quote you a price per word or line.

For a no-obligation estimate, please send me your original German text in an editable Word document to, outlining your deadlines.  Confidentiality guaranteed.

Please note: to ensure quality, I only do German to English translations. If you need a similar quality translation from English to German, please get in touch with me for a solid recommendation.

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“Translating a screenplay into another language well

requires a certain amount of preparation. A fine analysis of the characters is essential. A great translator internalizes the characters, feels them, and tries to understand how they think. Vince is exactly this kind of dependable and great translator. I’m looking forward to hiring him for similar projects for us in the future.”

Benjamin Seikel CEO, C-Films (Deutschland) GmbH
“Vince is able to take our technical information and convert it into ‘plain English’ for everyone to understand.

He quickly picks out the main components of a message and builds a coherent story around them. His response time is also superb, ensuring that his involvement does not cause any delays in our communication.”

Raoul Lorenz Chief Executive Officer, LORENZ Life Sciences

Translation clients. Experience in a range of sectors.


Neitzel & Cie Energy Asset Management
Hamburg, Germany

PROKON Nord Energiesysteme GmbH
Leer, Germany

WWF Deutschland
PANDA Fördergesellschaft für Umwelt GmbH
Frankfurt, Germany


Thiesen Classic Cars
Hamburg, Germany


Deutscher Fachverlag
Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung
Frankfurt, Germany

Interactive Media CCSP GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany


Black Forest Films
Berlin, Germany

C-Films AG
Zürich, Switzerland


LORENZ Life Sciences
Frankfurt, Germany

Hamburg Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheitsförderung (HAG)
Hamburg, Germany

Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD)
Hamburg, Germany